Why Choose Truffoire?

In our quest for unprecedented luxury and timeless beauty, Truffoire went beyond conventional skin care solutions to battle the signs of aging at its source. Our delicate serums, creams, moisturizers, exfoliators and masks perform above expectations and provide a pampering feeling with each and every application. This commitment to superior skin care treatments has made us the first choice for millions around the world, and brought us closer to fulfilling our promise of timeless beauty with each application.

The use of truffles distinguishes our products from the rest. Truffles have always been famous for delighting our taste buds, but they now offer an indulgent experience for the skin as well. Research has shown that these fungi deliver a range of hydrating benefits and bring about a natural and well-preserved glow. To provide such benefits to customers with different types of skin, Truffoire has created two exciting collections – the White Truffle Collection, which contains white truffle extract, and the Black Truffle Collection, which contains black truffle extract. Both collections concentrate on eliminating the look of fine lines and evening out the skin tone, so as to give customers the best of both worlds.

Apart from using truffles as a signature ingredient, each Truffoire product is also enriched with rare ingredients to create the most sought-after product formulations on the planet. From exemplary experiences to immersive collections, each day with Truffoire lets you rediscover something which was always yours – unfading beauty.


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    I bought the white eye serum and the black instant repair syringe in Las Vegas. The lady did not explain very well when I use what. I have some small wrinkles under my eyes, crows feet and some smile wrinkles. What are these two products for and how exactly do I use them? I noticed that other people are confused and have asked the same questions so a comprehensive answer would be great please.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. 2

    I’m very happy with your product as I,m so CONCERNED ABOUT WRINKLES LIVING IN FLORIDA being in the sun— will the black truffle help minimize the deep wrinkles and is it necessary to use the product every evening?

  3. 3

    Thanks Shmuel2!
    I am excited to say that my search for the best skin regimen is now over!
    You had great precision about my skin and how Truffoire would work for me. Your demonstrations showed me instant results and I’m more than pleased with the products you had sold me. The ingredients in your yummy Truffoire products makes my face look and feel smooth and luminous. I am truly happy!

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    Lorraine Ehrlich

    I was sold both the Black Truffle Collection and the White Truffle Collection, along with the Diamond. Now that I am home, how do I use all of them as it doesn’t make any sense all three say use Daily as far as Face Cream.

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Good question, Lorraine.

      I, too, use all three collections, and you are correct…you don’t apply them all on the same day. When my skin feels dry, I apply the White Truffle Collection. When I’m concerned about my wrinkles, I apply the Black Truffle Collection. When I want to treat myself to a facial and have big plans for the evening, I use the Diamond Collection. There are no wrong answers. Use whatever strikes your mood on a daily basis.

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      Jennifer Filzen

      That’s a great question, Dolores. The Black Truffle Collection contains Tuber Melanosporum (black truffle) extract while the White Truffle Collection contains Tuber Aestivum (white truffle) extract. Both collections are fabulous. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of white and black truffle extract, visit one of our newly opened Truffoire stores (North Shore on Oahu, Las Vegas, Carmel-by-the-Sea & Palm Desert in California, Miami, & Santa Fe) and our staff members will be happy to delve into the details about each product.