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What Is Skin Cycling and How To Do It Effectively: Step By Step Guide 2024

With less than a few seconds to catch your attention on TikTok, how did this new skincare buzzword make us stop and suddenly rethink our whole routine?

Suppose you have stumbled upon #skintok or are an avid enjoyer of this skincare side of TikTok. In that case, you have probably already seen a few posts from your favorite influencers or dermatologists explaining what “skin cycling” is. With an astounding 3.5 billion views on the hashtag, this seemingly new beauty trend is actually a practice many dermatologists recommend!

In the fast-paced world, where trends emerge in the blink of an eye, what’s another trend to scroll through? Skin cycling may sound like a physical workout more than a skincare concept, but this trend is a dynamic approach that adapts to your skin’s changing needs.

Wanna know if skin cycling is a process you can get behind? Join us in unraveling the benefits of skin cycling, the step-by-step guide on curating your routine, and how to unlock your skin’s full potential with skin cycling products in Truffoire’s Skin Cycling Routine Bundle.

What is the Skin Cycling Routine?

What Is Skin Cycling and How To Do It Effectively

According to research, skin cycling involves “rest days” for your skin during the week, a nighttime routine focused on applying specific products in an alternating use of active ingredients, helping your skin breathe instead of applying the same products every day.

Focusing on one active ingredient or process at a time yields maximum results while lessening the irritation.

Do Dermatologists Recommend Skin Cycling?

The term “skin cycling” was coined by a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist, Whitney Bowe, MD, who garnered 2.1 million views on their skin cycling TikTok videos!

And though the term sounds new, the concept has been around! With overwhelmingly positive feedback, say dermatologists, who have used alternating products with patients to ease their skin into dealing with products that have active ingredients.

This routine can help prevent irritation and inflammation and promotes healthier-looking skin and a stronger skin barrier! Skin cycling starts with a four-night routine with a specific product for each night.

What is the Correct Order of Products for Skin Cycling?

White truffle facial peeling
black truffle deep renewal vitamin c
NIGHT 3 & 4
white truffle night cream

The choice of products on specific nights serves a purpose – Night 1 emphasizes exfoliation, ensuring the removal of dead skin cells; Night 2 introduces retinoids, renowned for reducing fine lines and wrinkles; Nights 3 and 4 prioritize hydration and moisturizing, providing your skin the necessary nourishment and recovery.

This thoughtfully designed sequence aims to optimize the efficacy of each product, promoting a controlled and predictable penetration for a radiant and revitalized complexion.

Like any other regimen, your skin cycling routine should be tailored to your needs and skin type.

Customizing for Your Skin’s Needs

The timing of your skin cycling routine can depend on your skin type. For instance, if you are experiencing sensitivity and irritation, the recommendation is to increase your recovery nights.

Adjustment for Specific Skin Conditions

If you have specific skin conditions, such as acne or rosacea, it is best to consult with a dermatologist to personalize your skin cycling regimen! This is particularly important if you are using prescription medications for your skin.

What is the Skin Cycling Routine

Your Routine with the Truffoire Skin Cycling Routine Bundle

Now that we have the gist of skin cycling, let’s match your needs with our handpicked bundle to give you the best go-to favorite Truffoire products in our Skin Cycling Routine Bundle!

Cleansing: Your First Step to Skin Cycling

Adjusting to this new routine might be daunting, but one thing remains constant – starting any regimen with a fresh face is crucial! The ideal beginning to your skin cycling routine is the Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser!

black truffle vitamin c cleanser

As your morning companion, this skin-enhancing cleanser provides a brighter and even skin tone, deeply cleansing to keep your face fresh and energized for the day ahead.

In your nightly skin cycling routine, use the Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser before each step to create a clean canvas. This maximizes the benefits of subsequent products, contributing to the success of your nighttime skincare regimen.

Now, with your skin thoroughly cleansed and gently patted dry, let’s begin!

Night No. 1: Exfoliation

Start with an exfoliating formula that peels back clogged pores, dead skin cells, and dull appearance. By buffing away this debris, your skin will be ready to absorb the nutrients from the active ingredients we’re about to add!

Our best-selling White Truffle Facial Peeling is here to keep your skin glowing! Reap the benefits of its gentle formula, renewing the skin for a velvety-smooth feel while boasting a rejuvenated and youthful glow as it helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles!

White Truffle Facial Peeling

Night No. 2: Retinol

With our retinoid, our brightening & smoothing treatment is infused with Black Truffle, Vitamin C, and Retinyl Palmitate for an antioxidant-rich combo that reduces signs of skin aging and effectively protects the skin!

The Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C Serum gives you a firm, smooth, and brighter complexion! Let it instantly illuminate your beautiful face as it reduces the signs of tired-looking skin.

Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C Serum

Nights No. 3 and 4: Recovery

For the last two nights of our cycle, it’s time to wind down and focus on recovery with a rich moisturizer to give your skin all that loving!

Recover with 24-hour hydration and get right into our White Truffle Night Cream, which repairs the skin overnight for a speedy renewal that yields an invigorated look with fewer fine lines and a soft finish!

White Truffle Night Cream

What are the Benefits of Cycling for the Skin?

As we mentioned throughout – this routine gives an amazing before and after effect of more radiant and breathable skin!
  • Fosters a Resilient Skin Barrier: Skin cycling contributes to the prevention of irritation and inflammation, fostering a resilient and fortified skin barrier.
  • Enhances Product Potency: Through the strategic rotation of active ingredients, skin cycling amplifies the effectiveness of skincare products, allowing them to penetrate deeply and yield optimal results.
  • Guard Against Over-Exfoliation: Avoid the adverse effects of excessive exfoliation and retinoid use, reducing the risk of irritation, dryness, and lackluster skin appearance.
  • Promotes Nightly Skin Recovery: Dedicated recovery nights focus on nurturing the skin microbiome and repairing the skin barrier, promoting overall skin health and recovery.
  • Seasonal Adaptability: Adjust your routine with the changing seasons to provide additional care during environmental challenges, ensuring your skin remains resilient year-round and your complexion glowing in any season.
  • Mitigates Potential Side Effects: Skin cycling minimizes the risk of adverse reactions associated with potent ingredients, creating a balanced and harmonious skincare experience.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Skin Cycling?

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Skin Cycling

Skin Cycling is all about giving you an easier-to-control and scheduled regimen that lessens irritation and redness while giving you the best of your more powerful products with active ingredients, namely exfoliants and retinol.

According to research, you should see results quickly after starting skin cycling. After two cycles (or eight days), look forward to a healthier overall glow with a hydrated and softer feel!

How Can I Speed Up My Skin Cycling?

And with many skincare routines, it takes time for results to come. There isn’t a way to speed up your skin cycling; you have to trust the process and be patient!

All you can do is take your time, opt for high-quality and proven products, and be consistent with your routine. Stick to it, see how your skin changes and reacts, and go from there!

Introducing a new product to your skin and routine can cause purging. With skin cycling, it depends on your skin type. It may take a few cycles before your skin can adjust, but eventually and gradually, it will!

Sensitive skin usually has trouble reacting with multiple products with active ingredients, leading to irritation. Alternating products with skin cycling will help ease the stress on the skin and help minimize negative reactions.
While Truffoire's products work synergistically, you can incorporate other compatible products. However, introduce new products gradually to monitor how your skin responds and ensure there are no adverse reactions.
Because Truffoire’s exclusive formula is designed to be gentle on the skin, we welcome all skin types! So you don’t have to worry if you’re trying this routine out for dry skin or for oily skin!


Skin Cycling can greatly help your skin breathe by alternating products instead of just piling them all on and hoping for the best. This routine lessens the chance of irritation and maximizes the results of the products you’re using.

Should you try it? Sure! It’s best to be in touch with your skin’s needs, and whenever you are unsure about a skincare trend or a new routine you’re going to try always check in with your dermatologist to see how you can personalize your experience!

what is skin cycling routine

But if you already feel good and look good with your current routine, it’s best not to mess with it or drastically change it.

Nevertheless, we hope our product list and this guide help you explore a new year of possibilities for achieving your skin goals! If you feel like a change is in order, Skin Cycling might be the one to change the trajectory of your skincare journey to your healthy skin!

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