Truffoire Reviews

Stephanie Anderson

Let me tell the first thing – why I am writing this review is that I really liked Truffoire’s White
Eye Cream, the best amongst all I have ever used. It has helped me get rid of puffy eyes and
now I feel more lively and attractive.

Erin Jones

I love how White Truffle Facial Peeling makes my skin so new and fresh after each use.
I really love it a lot. My skin has not looked this good before. Will definitely recommend this
magical product.

Charlotte Ryan

Have been using White Cleaning Set for the past 3 months and being a fashion conscious
person I must say that this has been the best till date on my skin. Nurtures my skin smoothly
and keep my skin hydrated lifting the glow and freshness.

Zoe Harris

I was a bit sceptical at first looking at the price and the fact that it contained truffle as the
main ingredient which had been a food delicacy only for me only. I am glad that I gave it a
try. Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser makes my skin so soft, lively and fresh. Worth the buy.
Love the smell.

Caitlin White

Before Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe, I used a dozen of anti-aging products but all they
did was more damage than cure. Took this on the suggestion of a friend who was already
using one. But the results have been completely marvelous. An outstanding solution I must
say. Works very gradually and effectively. I am looking to add more to my Truffoire

Olivia Wilson

Perfectly balanced night solution when you want to keep your skin hydrating and
rejuvenating from the very morning next day. My skin is prone and not many vitamin C
products works well, but Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C has certainly worked
wonders. I have used it for the past one month and the transformation is quite apparent.