We develop our skincare routine and follow it daily like a ritual because we want to look confident and healthy whenever we see our reflections in the mirror. Your habits dictate how you look – and it shouldn’t stop at applying facial products such as creams, toners, and moisturizers. Pairing it with foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will help you achieve the most favorable results.

Proper maintenance assures that your skin can look good despite your age and activities. Here are the benefits of skincare featuring foods that you can pair with your regular use of Truffoire products to help you reach your skin’s best potential.

Protection from UV Radiation

A 15-minute exposure to sunlight benefits the skin, as it generates Vitamin D which aids in skin rejuvenation. Calcitriol, the most active form of Vitamin D, contributes to skin cell growth and repair, which enhances the immune system of the skin. However, too much sunlight can lead to exposure to UV radiation instead, which causes the skin cells to age. UV rays are responsible for skin damage and in a worse scenario, skin cancer. The aid of healthy foods and facial products is essential in protecting your skin from external damage.
Blueberry is a good addition to your skincare routine because it is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from UV damage. The level of salicylic acid in this fruit exfoliates dead skin cells and kills bacteria responsible for breakouts.
Combining a cup of green tea into your diet helps improve your skin condition through the polyphenols it contains. The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found on the drink repairs DNA damage caused by UV rays. It serves as a shield against cellular damage and skin diseases.
To complete your routine, pamper yourself by applying White Truffle Day Moisturizer to fend off stressors from your daily activities. It contains white truffle extract, organic safflower oil, shea butter, and green tea extract – each containing vitamins and nutrients that contribute to strengthening the skin’s natural barrier and improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. With its promise to provide a 24-hour moisturization, it will definitely keep your skin fresh, revitalized, and radiant throughout the day.

Anti-aging Properties and Youthful Glow

Sometimes, you may find yourself looking at your photos from months or years ago and comparing them to the face you see in the mirror. The difference can include the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles on your skin, which makes you lose not only your youthful glow but also your confidence. Your lifestyle and your environment cause skin damage, including premature aging. Fortunately, there are ways to reverse this condition. With the right nutrients and products, you can bring back your smooth skin and lovely complexion.
Skincare Routine Post Page
Avocado is packed with vitamins that serve as an anti-aging agent by repairing skin damage. The vitamin A it contains gets rid of dry skin by increasing sebum production – responsible for reducing oily skin and keeping the skin soft. The high amount of vitamins C and E, on the other hand, boosts collagen production which helps restore your youthful skin.
Age-defying nutrients are also found in sweet potatoes. Beta-carotene, an oxidant converted to vitamin A, contributes to many things about the vegetable: one, its orange color; two, the promotion of skin cell turnover; and three, the restoration of skin elasticity. Like avocado, it contains vitamins C and E that protect the skin from harmful free radicals, therefore preventing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.
Skincare Routine Post Page
Skincare Routine Post Page
Truffoire’s Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe claims itself as an innovative product and an ultimate tool in any skincare lover’s arsenal. Applying the solution directly to your wrinkles, expression lines, under-eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles, can instantly reduce your worries without invasive procedures. It contains black truffle extract and avocado oil that bind moisture to the skin and provide vitamins for renewing and rejuvenating the way your skin looks.

Benefits of Skincare

Having a skincare routine sounds tedious – from the different products that the market offers, to the effort you need to exert in taking care of your skin. However, the extra measure that you take daily will benefit your health in the long run.

Think about the satisfaction you’ll get the next time you look in the mirror or pose in front of the camera. No more dreading the oily feeling in your face once you touch your nose and no more frowns upon seeing the newly-formed wrinkles. Allow your healthy diet paired with your favorite Truffoire product help you in your skincare journey.

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