Truffoire Salt Scrub

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Truffoire Salt Scrub is made with gentle ingredients to exfoliate dry skin, leaving your body with a silky soft feel.
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1. Apply the scrub to damp skin.
2. Massage in a circular motion over the entire body.
3. Rinse well.

Sodium Chloride, Petroleum Hydrocarbon, BHT, Fragrance.

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4 reviews for Truffoire Salt Scrub

  1. Michelle Mitchell

    This scrub is amazing! I feel so soft. I got this as a free gift for being a VIP customer. Enjoying my products. Feeling young!

  2. T’Niya

    I got this our out South Park mall! A guy named Leo stopped me and turned my life around. I’m 17 and my skin is great. I use this and I feel even better and it smells amazing! I will be buying more of everything! Leo was such a great person and his customer service was great! He definitely deserves a raise. I will be buying more soon. I just got it and I already fell in love.

  3. Julia Lukacs

    Truffoire Salt Scrub deserves a six out of five stars! The product is amazing. It left my skin feeling so soft and moisturized! Far outpassed any compition and expectations I had. As a Cosmetologist I knew the whole sea salt scrub ploy and tactics, most of them work the same and are overpriced and fancily named. However, I started thinking that cheating the system with DIY sea salt and sugar scrubs would do the same. I even started selling my own version on ETSY. I highly recommend to stop using even my own product for this one. Definately worth every single penny.
    It is worth the price and it feels amazing. Obsessed with this product.

  4. Engie

    This stuff leaves my body feeling so soft and dewy! Loving it.

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