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Truffoire Holiday Gift Guide: Luxury Curated Skincare Sets

As the winter chill calls for hot cocoas in our cold hands and the holiday spirit fills the air, a magical mood comes with the season! The twinkling lights with family and friends around setting aside busy schedules create a loving, irresistible atmosphere!

And in this warm atmosphere comes a sense of thankfulness and gift-giving that the yuletide brings out in all of us. And what better way to show your love than by gifting healthy and glowing skin?

Truffoire welcomes you to our Holiday Gift Guide! Skincare bundles, daily essentials kits, and the most luscious packages luxury skincare can offer. These hand-picked sets are for those who want to give themselves or their loved ones a chance to pamper and prioritize self-care as the new year starts – here’s a skincare experience that will nurture you in any season!

Our Holiday Gift to You

Truffoire Holiday Gift Guide: Luxury Curated Skincare Sets

Luxurious Holiday Skincare Bundles

See what skincare gift set matches your needs or the one you’re gifting for the perfect pairing and a smooth-sailing skincare experience!

Day & Night Hydration Duo

For: The Busy Professional/The Skincare Minimalist

Day & Night Hydration Duo

For those who appreciate a focused and round-the-clock routine that gets the job done without the frills of a complex regimen, the 24-hour protection of the White Truffle Day Moisturizer and the restorative powers of White Truffle Night Cream are the duo for you!

Stay young and hydrated with our lightweight moisturizer, while the night cream gives you all your skin needs to wake up with a plump and smooth complexion.

  • Lightweight 24-hour hydration for a fresh and vibrant complexion
  • Maintains a youthful complexion
  • Comprehensive day and night care for nourished and protected skin

Price: $600 $420

Exfoliate & Rejuvenate Duo

For: The Skincare Enthusiast/Self-care Aficionado

For those who appreciate indulging in self-care! A regimen? It’s more than that – it is a pamper session! If your or your loved one’s goal is to get that radiant glow, the renewing deep-exfoliation White Truffle Facial Peeling and deeply hydrating White Truffle Night Cream for the most refreshed look!

Peel away the stresses and built-up dry skin and dirt to revive that dull appearance and rejuvenate overnight with a soft night cream for firmer and more youthful skin.

  • Deep exfoliation for a revitalized glow
  • Stress relief for the skin, peeling away impurities and built-up dirt
  • Intensive hydration with the night cream for firmer and more youthful skin

Price: $700 $490

Exfoliate & Rejuvenate Duo

Cleanse & Tone Duo

For: The Skincare Newcomers

Cleanse & Tone Duo

Whether you are introducing a friend to the wonderful world of skincare or looking for where to begin your own skincare journey, this daily essential duo cuts through all the noise to give you a clear path toward your healthiest skin ever!

This simple yet effective duo has our silky and gentle White Truffle Milk Cleanser and a rich detoxifying White Truffle Toner to leave you feeling fresh and glowingly rosy! This soft cleanser and refining toner are the perfect pair for a balanced complexion – making it a good skincare set for combination skin.

  • Silky and gentle cleansing for soft and delicate skin
  • Detoxifying and refining with the rich
  • White Truffle Toner For a fresh-faced intro to skincare

Price: $350 $245

Vitamin C Radiance Duo

For: The Glow-Getter

This is your sign to add the brightening and renewing power of Vitamin C to your routine! A powerful antioxidant in charge of brightening and evening out your skin tone, this potent ingredient makes sure you maintain your glow by reducing pigmentation and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

With the purifying Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser and a boosting serum like the Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C, you’re sure to wow with the gift of brighter and smoother skin to anyone who will receive this for the holiday!

  • Brightening and renewing power of Vitamin C for a radiant complexion
  • Potent antioxidant properties to reduce pigmentation and fine lines
  • Complete routine with a purifying cleanser and boosting serum

Price: $1200 $840

Vitamin C Radiance Duo

Instant Eye Perfection Duo

For: The Age-Defying Enthusiast

Instant Eye Perfection Duo

Are you looking to reduce the look of under-eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles? This duo will give you an instantly youthful and revitalized glow with the power of black and white truffle!

With the targeted treatment of the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe and a revitalizing cream like the White Truffle Eye Cream, this pair sets itself apart from your ordinary eye treatments with an instant firming and energizing effect on the skin, enhancing results with each use!

  • Instantly reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, puffiness, and dark circle
  • Instant and long-lasting results for a younger-looking appearance
  • Revitalizing and firming effects for the delicate eye area

Price: $1,650 $1,155

Illuminate & Protect Trio

For: Fresh-Faced Explorer

For those who already have their skincare basics down but want to explore more ways to get that radiant and protected skin, this one is for you! Protect yourself and those you love from harmful UV rays while nurturing with a gentle cleanser and a deep renewal serum.

The brightening Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser, glow-boosting Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C, and the dual-action protecting Truffle Brightening Cream +SPF30 are the trio for all your skin brightening and UV rays shielding needs!

  • Effectively targets dullness, leaving the skin refreshed and revitalized
  • Its renewing properties help improve skin texture, leaving it smoother and more even
  • Provides essential sun protection and moisturization, preventing damage caused by sun exposure

Price: $1,700 $1,190

Illuminate & Protect Trio

White Truffle Daytime Ritual Bundle

For: Your Fresh Start

White Truffle Daytime Ritual Bundle

It’s time for a routine revamp! There is so much emphasis on New Year’s resolutions, but what about one for our routine? If your current regimen isn’t working or someone you know is running low on skincare supplies, this bundle is the perfect gift!

Your daytime ritual will never be the same with the White Truffle Milk Cleanser, White Truffle Toner, and White Truffle Day Moisturizer to keep you nourished and hydrated, an ideal skincare set for dry skin as it leaves you fresh and vibrant throughout the day!

  • Complete daytime skincare ritual for nourished and hydrated skin
  • Leaves skin fresh, vibrant, and well-protected throughout the day
  • Better than any beauty sleep!

Price: $650 $455

Essential Brightening Duo

For: Skincare Newcomers/Skincare Minimalist

If you’re gifting this to someone new to skincare or one who loves a simple yet potent set of products as a regimen, this duo will be the key to their heart! Let this simple yet powerful set give you a brighter and more even skin tone!

The Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser deeply cleans and calms the skin, while the Broad Spectrum Truffle Brightening Cream +SPF30 nurtures and protects with a lightweight cream that shields you against sun damage.

  • Deeply cleanses and calms the skin
  • Nurturing with sun damage protection
  • Simple and potent for a brighter and even skin tone
Price: $900 $630
Essential Brightening Duo

Daily Essentials Trio

For: The Skincare Minimalist

Daily Essentials Trio

No frills, just simple and effective skincare at your service! For the skincare minimalist in your life who wants a no-fuss and comprehensive skincare routine that fits right into their busy schedule.

This bundle is designed as a straightforward routine without compromising on quality. The Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser, White Truffle Day Moisturizer, and White Truffle Night Cream is a gentle cleanse, 24-hour skin hydration, and a replenishing night cream as easy as 1-2-3!

All this goodness is also an ideal skincare set for oily skin.

  • Soft and deeply hydrating on the skin
  • Gentle cleansing, 24-hour hydration, and replenishing night cream in one bundle
  • Also, an ideal skincare set for oily skin

Price: $1,000 $700

Minimalist Must-Haves Trio

For: The Practical Thinker

A skincare routine with maximum results and minimal effort? Here’s the multi-functional skincare solution you have been looking for! Here’s a gift that goes above and beyond – get multitudes of benefits with each product harmoniously boosting each other!

The Black Truffle Vitamin C Cleanser, White Truffle Day Moisturizer, and White Truffle Eye Serum are your keys to efficient and effective daily skincare. Get more from your regimen with this trio!

  • Achieve a soft and radiant complexion
  • Cleansing, hydration, and targeted eye care for all skin types
  • Firm and fresh-faced look

Price: $1,100 $770

Minimalist Must-Haves Trio

Ultimate Eye Transformation Trio

For: The Perfectionist

Ultimate Eye Transformation Trio

For those who want the finest skincare, the ultimate eye transformation trio is here to satisfy your needs. Ideal for the perfectionist who seeks meticulous and opulent eye care, this package delivers unparalleled results!

The cutting-edge Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe with our specialized White Truffle Eye Serum and rich White Truffle Eye Cream brings radiant and revitalized eyes! With a reduced appearance of crow’s feet, puffiness, dark circles, under-eye bags, and other signs of aging, you will get a brighter and firmer eye area.

  • Achieve a brighter and firmer eye area with reduced signs of aging
  • Address crow’s feet, puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles
  • Instant revitalizing treatment for radiant eyes

Price: $2,050 $1,435

Complete Renewal Collection

For: The Skincare Connoisseur

For those who want the full experience – an all-encompassing, luxurious skincare regimen awaits! This is the ultimate ‘Treat Yourself’ bundle for you and your loved one! The holidays are one of those times you shouldn’t skimp on – you deserve this.

It is the full package for total skin renewal and rejuvenation! Here’s everything you will get to thrive in any season:

Truffoire’s best-renewing products all in one! Perfect for those wanting to renew and revive their complexion and an ideal skincare set for aging skin.

  • Total renewal and rejuvenation for a young and vibrant glow
  • Keeps you hydrated and fresh
  • Gently cleanses and revives dull eyes
  • Improves overall skin health

Price: $3,850 $2,695

Complete Renewal Collection

We want you to love the skin you are in – that’s why all skin types are welcome!

We made sure you would have a long list of options to match yourself or anyone to whom you would want to gift these bundles!

The holidays are about spreading love – everyone deserves to experience the skincare routine of their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Skincare is for everyone, and Truffoire bundles make thoughtful and indulgent gifts for men to enjoy and upgrade their regimen, too!
Yes! Truffoire's holiday gift guide skincare is thoughtfully curated to provide a comprehensive regimen. From cleansing to moisturizing and targeted treatments, our bundles offer a holistic approach to skincare.
Definitely! Truffoire products are versatile and can complement your existing skincare routine. Feel free to incorporate them seamlessly for enhanced results.


This holiday and every day, prioritize taking care of yourself and those around you. Here’s to the joy of giving and the warmth of self-love! We hope these bundles add an extra glow to your festivities and a daily affirmation of the good things you deserve.

Remember, your skincare routine is more than just indulgence – it’s a celebration of your beauty. We wish you a season filled with appreciation and a new year that sparkles with possibilities!

Truffoire Holiday Gift Guide: Luxury Curated Skincare Sets

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