Happy News from Katie W.

Truffoire products are making a positive difference in people’s lives, and that makes us very proud. That’s why we were delighted to receive this great review from one of our happy customers, Katie W.:
“I’m 51, and had given up on my wrinkles and skin. Tried everything, expensive and cheap, all different brands, I’d get a red rash after a few days, money waisted for years. Walking by Reservalife Salon in Waikiki, a young man asks me to let him show me something, skeptical of course, I followed him in, excited when he talks about his products I listened, smooth talker, Italian, good looking young man too! Rafael, loved him! He used the Black Truffle instant repair syringe in the results were dramatic couldn’t argue with the results. I understood this is a filler treatment and would continue use as directed, I also was recommended the White Truffle day and night cream and eye serum. Purchased January 21st.  2018, and it has been working wonders! No Red Rash! Two days later I had a facial and loved it! Purchased the volcanic mask and serum too. Using as directed, and in just this short time the results have been amazing, my husband who was very skeptical at first, again could not argue the results, now says daily, how much better I look, and he can tell I feel better about myself. People are saying I’m glowing asking what I did, or Hawaii agreed with me. No,  I met Rafael and found Truffoire , truly changed my life, my husband, my sons everyone has tried, but because of Rafael I have also quit smoking,  Thank you my angel, Rafael! Another reason I’m sure my skin has responded so well. Found my forever products! Will try others to continue improvements, telling everyone about it! I love my Truffoire, worth every dime, And then some! Grateful for finding it!” — Katie W.

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