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Skin is vulnerable to damage from things like the UV rays of the sun, free radicals and pollutants on a daily basis. This forces skin to change its characteristics from time to time, which often tends to make skin care more complicated. As a result, we people often have doubts about the best products for their skin, the ingredients that suit it needs the best and the processes to follow. To simplify skin care and offer solutions for some of the most common issues, Truffoire created a forum where we deal with the most pressing skin care concerns and help our customers clear any doubts that they may have about their skin.

Question – Do you have different products for different skin types?
Truffoire doesn’t offer different collections for people with different types of skin, because proper skin care is never that simple. Your skin is extremely individualistic and it has its own characteristics. This means that it can never be categorized into boxes of combination, dry or oily skin types. Truffoire respects the individualistic needs of your skin and strives to offer product combinations that are right for you. This is why we always recommend that our customers get in touch with our skin specialists before choosing Truffoire products. Our specialists analyze your requirements and offer solutions that work.

Question – Do you have any products for exfoliating the skin?
Exfoliation is an essential aspect of any skin care routine because it helps to cleanse the skin and lets it get rid of the pollutants, dirt and dead skin cells which get stuck to the outermost layer. To let you enjoy a comprehensive exfoliation experience, Truffoire offers the White Truffle Facial Peeling, a product that gently diminishes the appearance of dirt build up and leaves you with a beautiful looking finish.

Question – What is the shelf life of your products?
The shelf life of our products can be found on individual product boxes.

Question – Why do I need to add a mask to my skin care regimen?
The skin requires a quick overhaul from time to time to bring back its natural radiance. Truffoire makes use of the best ingredients and technologies in our masks to encourage radiance and promote a natural glow. Masks are also known to be the perfect products to allow the skin to recover from the damage caused throughout the week and provide some much needed at-home pampering.

Question – How often should I use Truffoire products?
Please refer to the Truffoire Routine page to understand how often and in what order you need to use Truffoire products. We also recommend you to get in touch with our skin specialists for a customized routine that works best for your skin type and your skin issues.

Question – Why are serums so important?
Truffoire recommends all customers to make use of serums on a daily basis. Serums are concentrated cocktails of highly effective skin ingredients that sink deep within the skin and target specific needs. They enable accelerated action within the skin’s dermis and promote a younger and smoother look from within. We suggest that you use a serum every morning and evening, right after you cleanse your skin.

Question – What age are Truffoire products suitable for?
Truffoire products work for all types of skin and all ages. Our primary concern is to help our customers deal with accelerated skin aging and enhance the skin’s natural glow. Each of our formulas are packed with the right antioxidants to help prevent free radical damage which starts getting out of hand as you move into your thirties. To answer the question, Truffoire products are ideal for all adults, offering solutions from the twenties to well past the fifties. However, we recommend that you keep Truffoire products out of the reach of children.


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    Does truffle syringe cause irritation? The morning after I apply it, around my eyes is super red and has a rash, I am also using Retina a so not sure of the combo is too harsh, have you known people to react like that?

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      The syringes are shipped in the locked position in order to avoid spillage. To unlock the syringe, all you have to do is twist the bottom to the unlocked position and prime the pump until you see a small drop of the formula.

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      We advise only using the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe only once per week, at nighttime before bed, so the formula has the best chance of absorbing into your skin while your face remains expressionless.

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    Is there a specific order you should use the products? I have the Black Truffle instant repair syringe and the white truffle eye serum. Which should I use first?

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      You should only use the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe once per week, at nighttime before bed, so the formula has the best chance of absorbing into your skin while your face remains expressionless. As for the White Truffle Eye Serum, that can be used daily.

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Though Truffoire products are suitable for everyone, most of the men and women who purchase our products are between the ages of 30 – 70.