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    Joan Pritchett

    I live in Carmel, IN and wondered if I can purchase your products in this area or anywhere in Indiana? I was given a sample during a recent visit to LasVegas and really love it. Thanks.

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are thrilled to hear you love our products, Joan. We do not currently have a Truffoire distributor in the Indiana region. Your best bet is to directly connect with the Truffoire distributor in Las Vegas, or purchase from us here at

  2. 3

    I purchased the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe this past weekend at the South Carolina state fair, and I have only used it a couple of times but I am already in love! Please add me to your VIP list.

  3. 5

    I was told to use the product for one week then once a week.
    In reviewing all the info above I realizing what I was told is incorrect. I was also told to use the eye serum and the eye cream after applying the syring . This is what makes the product work better. I’m not likeing the results. My eyes look puffy. Please advise.

  4. 6

    Purchase the eye serum last weekend. So far, love it. Please add me to you VIP list….I’m sure I’ll want more when this runs out.

  5. 10

    So I have the white cleanser set and I’m confused as to how this is supposed to work I purchased this product for 81.00 after taxes and I’m really hoping it does something I already have beautiful skin but want it more beautiful can you advise how it’s supposed to work and when it should be used. Hope to hear from someone for some insight.

    Thank you

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      For complete instructions on how to use Truffoire products, visit and click on the specific product you are interested in. Once you look up the product, you’ll see a β€œHow to use” tab that fully describes how to apply and use that product. For the cleanser set, you are welcome to use it daily.

  6. 12
    Elizabeth Lanza-Doyle

    Love the products. I was told to use the iBlack Truffle Instant Eye Repair every night for 2 weeks but then what? Also can you please add me to your VIP list so I can reorder?

  7. 15

    The little boutiques are in Hawaii….Been to the one in North Shore, Oahu and another one in Hanalei, Kauai

  8. 18
    Heidi Williams

    Just purchased the Black Truffle Instand Repair Syringe, eye cream, Volcanic Thermal Mask & Activing Serum. I am very excited about these products! Please add me to your VIP list!
    Thank you!

  9. 21
    Margaret Hillard

    Hello, My purchase of the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe brought me to this site. I was hesitant to fumble with the new syringe opening, but found out about the twisting of the barrel to access the product from at this site. Thank you for that and mission accomplished!

  10. 22
    Debbie Seiler

    Got your product on trip to Miami. Love It! But now business I purchased is gone. Is there any other place in Miami that carry it?

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are happy to hear you love our products, Debbie! Whenever you cannot locate a store in your area, you may purchase Truffoire products directly from our website.

  11. 24
    Suzanne Merrill

    I bought some of your products while in Hawaii. I can see a difference since using them. Kind of pricey though, would like a price list. Do you have sales? And do the prices change because of who is selling it or a certain area, would like to more about how order and from where. Could I still order from the store in Hawaii !

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Your best opportunity to enjoy discounts is to be part of our VIP list, and we have just added you to it. Congratulations. πŸ™‚

  12. 28
    Victoria massey

    Hi when I apply the black truffle instant repair syringe and then apply my make up, it won’t sink into skin as usual. A residue comes off and make up ends up looking paste-like around the eye area. Even when I wait half an hour before applying make up on top of the black truffle. It doesn’t work on top of make up either, again a ‘paste’ forms and the make up comes off in this paste and sits on top of skin. Any advice? Is black truffle syringe just not compatible with make up? Only to be worn alone?

    • 29
      Truffoire Customer Service

      The Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe is a skin care product and NOT a makeup product. When you intend to use it with makeup, you will not get good results. Instead, you should use it once per week, preferably at nighttime before going to sleep so it has the best opportunity to fully absorb into your skin while your face remains expressionless. This once a week, nighttime routine will offer the best results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

  13. 30
    Lindsey Nguyen

    My friend who using your product told me that i need to get my skin tested at your retails store or lab. So only can find which line is suitable for me. She visited at Singapore store so pls tell me where in Las Vegas i can find you.

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thank you for your inquiry about our Las Vegas store. When you’re in Las Vegas, please visit the “Lionesse Beauty Bar” store at the Venetian, located next to the escalators.

  14. 36

    I recently purchased the black truffle instant repair syringe along with several other products of yours. I can’t get the syringe to work. It appears there is nothing in the syringe as when I push the plunger nothing comes out!

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      To use the syringe, twist the base of it to unlatch if from the locked/closed position. Once you have twisted it to unlock, you may pump the syringe a few times until the formula comes out. Enjoy your Truffoire products. πŸ™‚

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      The White Truffle Eye Serum can be used by any age group, but it is typically used by people in their mid-thirties to eighties.

  15. 40
    Della Faulkner

    I purchase several of your products Sept. 30, 2016 at a Home & Patio show. The gentleman told me that I needed to us the Black Truffle Instant repair Syringe twice a MONTH at night time. I find that hard to believe that it could work using it such a limited times. I told him I didn’t think that would work that way. I liked his demo so I purchased it – now how often can I use it and can I use it under my daytime make up. I want the wrinkles to disappear during the day, not while I sleep. Your video didn’t say how often to use.

    • 41
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hello, Della.

      Thanks for purchasing the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe, and for asking a great question. Yes, we do advise that most people apply it twice a month at night time because the formula will have a better chance of being absorbed into your skin. However, if you prefer to use it once a week or twice per month during the daytime, that will be fine. Go ahead and experiment to see what time of day works best for your skin and your busy schedule.

  16. 42
    Genevieve Pavlak

    Hi today I was at the LA county fair and I visited your booth that was there. I talked one of the sale ladies that was there and she really wanted to sell me the White Truffle skin care set(for 250$) but sadly I didn’t have the money at the time for that. But I got one of the things in the set and she said if I would like try and get the same price for same price I would have to go to one of your stores, say I was at the Fair and say I talked to a lady named Mary, but didn’t guarantee that would work. And I was pretty sure that she said the store was in Santa Monica but when I tried to find any stores in Califoria I could find anything! It doesn’t even seem like stores exist at all and I can’t find anything at all on your website about store locations. So was this lady just misinform for some reason or do stores exist.

    • 43
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thank you for your question regarding store locations. As Truffoire is a new skin care brand, our products are currently sold by various distributors. That is why you see our products sold in many locations, including state fairs and boutiques, as well as our website at Consider our website your convenient and direct source for Truffoire products.

  17. 45

    Hello. I recently purchased the black truffle reinforcing serum and thermal mask and I am not getting an intense heat whatsoever when I use it. I’m not sure if the product I got is old or something but I don’t feel and intense heat whatsoever when I put it on my face. i tried to email you guys as well and it keeps telling me to renter my email address (as if I entered an invalid entry. Not sure where to go from here.

    thank you

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hi, Destiny. This is Truffoire Customer Service. Thank you for your feedback regarding our products and your experience contacting us. I forwarded your question to the team and will respond once I hear back from them.

      Here are a few questions for you:
      Where did you purchase your Truffoire products?
      On what date did you purchase the products?
      How much thermal mask are you applying to your face? Are you applying it with your fingers or a foundation brush? (I have found the thermal effect works best when I apply it to my face with a foundation brush.)

      Again, thanks for contacting us via the Truffoire website.

    • 47
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Destiny, here is what the Truffoire team said:

      1. Stir up the Thermal Mask really good with a spatula or spoon, making sure everything in the jar is mixed up well.
      2. Put the Thermal Mask on your face, preferably with a brush, like a makeup foundation brush.
      3. Put the Reinforcing Serum on top and then the mask will get really warm.
      4. Try again. If you still have issues and if the Thermal Mask is not heating up for you, let me know.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for using Truffoire. –Truffoire Customer Service

  18. 48
    Avril finney

    I’m on holiday in Hawaii and was introduced to your product at your shop on the North Shore but didn’t have the time to find out much about it as we had to leave . I cannot find any information as to the cost of the product on your site and I would be interested to know the cost of the eye cream and moisturiser as we are returning to Australia in a couple of days and do not have the time to return to the shop for more information.
    Thanks, Avril Finney.

    • 50
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thanks for asking, Clark. The phone number for our North Shore Oahu store is 808-637-5789. Our Las Vegas location is not yet online, so stay tuned…

    • 52
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thanks for asking, Debra. No Truffoire stores in your area at this time. So far we are in Miami, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, North Shore on Oahu, Palm Desert, and Carmel, CA. If you’re not near any of these locations, you are welcome to purchase our products online.