Beauty Secrets

Truffoire caters to customers searching for elegant and luxurious ways of taking proper care of their skin. Our products bring about an exclusive spa-like feel and also work to take the skin closer to its younger self. The ingredients that make our collections unique are black and white truffles, both known to be prized ingredients in the culinary world, and also in the world of skin care.

With so many Truffoire products and two different (albeit equally exciting) collections to choose from, customers often get confused on how to best add these products to their skin care regimen and use them in the right manner. The ideal place to look for how to use directions is on the product box. Each box offers general instructions, which explain how to use the product as a part of one’s skin care regimen. This website also offers instructions on how to use different Truffoire products together with product descriptions and a list of ingredients. If you’re still confused about what Truffoire products to add to your skin care regimen or how to use them, we recommend you to get in touch with our skin experts and give them the privilege of creating a customized beauty routine just for you.

Beauty Tips

There are a few essential beauty tips that need to be followed, irrespective of your skin type or your skin care regimen. Truffoire lists a few essential tips that need to be adhered to in order to enjoy the ultimate beauty experience and ensure that you derive the most out of your skin care regimen.

  • Cleanse before everything else. Cleansing is the first step of any skin care routine. It lets you eliminate dirt and dust from your skin and opens up your skin to a refreshing skin care application. It also ensures that the products absorb better into the skin.
  • Apply the lightest products first. The most basic rule of skin care is that products with the lightest formulations need to be applied first. This means that your serums always follow the cleansers and the heavy moisturizers come later.
  • Make use of facial masks to rejuvenate your skin. Facial masks can be used to treat all sorts of skin ailments and enjoy a refreshed spa-like feel at the same time. They have been around since centuries, but modern-day face masks really offer unparalleled beauty benefits. Make the most of these precious products by using them on a weekly basis.


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