Truffles are known to delight your taste buds and now, offer an indulgent experience for your skin as well. Infused with beneficial vitamins and minerals, these fungi offer a wide range of hydrating components to help your skin enjoy a natural and radiant glow. Truffoire is made up of two collections, the white collection which contains Tuber Aestivum (white truffle) Extract, and the Black Collection which contains Tuber Melanosporum (black truffle) Extract. These collections concentrate on evening your skin tone and diminishing fine lines so you get the best of both worlds.

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The most effective ingredient that is needed for a proper skin care regimen is proper knowledge of skincare ingredients. When you’re aware of what’s used in your skin care products, you can learn how to best boost your overall beauty and improve your complexion. We blend a number of highly beneficial ingredients in our product formulations. We are committed to using the best and most effective ingredients in our skin care products. This summary provides all the information you need about the various ingredients contained in Truffoire products.

Key Ingredients


I am in my late thirties, and never bothered about skin care until I actually hit thirty and saw my first wrinkle. That was one freaky day, I tell you. Switched through a number of brands over the years, liked some and certainly hated many. Recently started a Truffoire regimen, and this is one brand that I am in LOVE with. I’ve used the day moisturizer for a couple of weeks now, and I adore it. I don’t even need any more heavy makeup to hide skin flaws. The moisturizer took care of all that. My blotchiness has totally gone, and I feel so fresh throughout the day!!!

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While I don’t have any major issues with my skin, I do suffer from constant dark circles and puffiness in my eye area. I want to enjoy fresh looking eyes, but my hectic schedule and demanding boss always means too much work stress and lack of sleep. I just bought this serum for brightening the eye area and…. IT WORKS!!! I got attracted when I read the word truffle and luxury skin care in the same line, and I certainly don’t regret my decision. I have been using it for close to 2 weeks, and I love how much the dark circles have reduced.

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My derm recommended that I add an eye serum into my skin care regimen, but I just didn’t like the product he recommended. A friend told me to try out Truffoire and I actually liked what I saw. So I thought why not try this brand, after all, someone is already using it right? After using the product for a single week, I am already in love. I have a smoother all-round texture and my blotchy looking skin also seems much better. So much in one week! Really good product!!!

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I must have used almost each and every eye cream on the planet (well the cheaper ones), but practically nothing helped me out with the damn eye wrinkles. Which is why I so love this product. It beats them all. I guess that’s why they call it luxury skin care. This eye cream helped in instantly giving a plumped up look and diminished the fine lines within a couple of weeks. I suggest to be a bit patient with it. Your skin should look much better after the first couple of days (definitely in my case). Now I notice the difference as soon as the cream gets properly absorbed.

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  1. 1

    please add me to your VIP list, I would love to receive any discounts! I bought to Black Truffle Repair syringe, love it and I am looking at other products to complete my daily regime!

  2. 3

    Can you use the black truffle repair syringe just around eyes or anywhere on your face? The white truffle eye cream and serum, should you use both together daily?

    • 4
      Truffoire Customer Service

      For best results, the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe should be applied once a week at nighttime before you go to bed. The formula includes topical botox, so you’ll want to apply it by itself and leave it on your face while you’re sleeping and remaining expressionless for best results.

      Some people think the syringe formula is to be applied with makeup, but that’s not the best way to utilize this product. Some people also believe that the results are to be permanent, and that is also incorrect. Because it is topical botox, it will, indeed, wear away over the course of a few hours. However, this product is meant to be used once a week for a year and the results are cumulative. This product is comparable to what you would find in a MedSpa, but our product is not an injectable like traditional Botox, which is perfect for people who dislike needles.

      As for the White Truffle Eye Cream and Serum, yes, you should use both together daily. We hope this information helps.

  3. 5

    Just had a non surgical “facelift ” in Santa Fe , NM by a most remarkable man (who works on movie stars:( I would misspell his name) and the product manager Diana from Sensilife. The results were phenomenal to say the least. I fell in love with the product and ended up buying the whole collection and LED light as well. They gave me instructions but there are so many products that I need a sequence to use daily, weekly and monthly- which first, second, third etc. The products are the white and black Truffle line, Vitamin C , and Diamond collection. Would you be able to point me in the proper direction to get this regimen of products to get their full benefit. I see others wanting to be VIP; well PLEASE ADD ME TO THE LIST. Thank you.

    • 6
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Congratulations! You have been added to our VIP list. 🙂

      We are thrilled to hear you love our products. We hope you enjoy them and that your skin shows beautiful results.

      For complete instructions on how to use each product, go to http://www.Truffoire.com and look up each product. Once you are there, you’ll see tabs for “Product description”, “How to use”, and “Ingredients”. Some of our products also have a tab that says “Video”. Click on any of those tabs for more information about each product.

      Fortunately, there are no wrong answers when using our products. Use them regularly and your skin will show beautiful results the more frequently you use them.

  4. 7
    Karyn Gonsowski

    After years of products & hundreds of dollars & countless foundation’s to cover my rosacea I’m sold! I splurged and treated myself to 4 products. In hindsight, cost less than what I spent all year on drug store & name brand products. After 3 days…just 3 days, I went to work with mascara & lip gloss ONLY! My daughter is taking pics of my face weekly…will share after a month. VIP ME!

    • 8
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are thrilled to hear how happy you are with our Truffoire products! Congratulations, you have been added to our VIP list. 🙂

  5. 9

    I purchased this system in SantaFe today lovin what I see so far. but no-ones business card was included after I was told I’d be VIP status.
    Loved our consultant. Also I was given s packet of samples which were not in the bag any longer, once the sale of the product was done…can you get me the appropriate contact information for Danielle in SantaFe please…I think that was her name…thank you!

  6. 13

    Recently purchased the white truffle line, the black volcanic mask and serum and line filler. Love all the products and can see a difference in my skins appearance. What benefits are there to be a VIP member?

    • 14
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are glad to hear you love our products. The benefits of being a VIP member are exclusive discounts offered via email.

  7. 17
    Dennis Jones

    I’ve never tried a skin care product in my 63 years.
    I. Was convinced in some way by your team at the Charlotte NC ideal home to try it. I bought it.
    I tried to subscribe but it won’t let me.
    Would you please add me to the VIP list and can you tell
    me what shows you have coming up so I can show a few others your products?

  8. 19

    Got a sample of the exquisite White Day cream – saw disappearance of wrinkles with just the sample! Clearly need to be a Truffoire VIP!

  9. 21
    Sabrina Pulse

    I bought eye serum while on vacation to Las Vegas. I love it! The sales person said I could use my receipt for continued discounts. I’m not sure what I use on my receipt for coupon code to order more products.

    • 22
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are thrilled to hear you love our products. Truffoire products are sold by a variety of distributors across the globe, including Las Vegas. Each distributor is in control of their special offers and continued discounts. Therefore, your best bet is to directly contact the Las Vegas distributor where you purchased Truffoire products so you can take advantage of their offer.

    • 24
      Truffoire Customer Service

      For complete instructions on how to use Truffoire products, visit http://www.Truffoire.com and click on the specific product you are interested in. Once you look up the product, you’ll see a “How to use” tab that fully describes how to apply and use that product. Similarly, you can find what ingredients are included in the product when you look under the “Ingredients” tab.

  10. 27

    I purchased your white truffle set from the Pearlridge Mall, Aiea, Hawaii store last week. Angelo was very nice, but very persistent, which I find annoying, but I do love the products. I have no idea what a VIP is, but if you would please add Me, I would appreciate it.

  11. 33

    Whilst on holiday in Waikiki we met Adam who started chatting to us about Truffoire. He was very professional and helpful. We purchased the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe. Adam informed us to use it every day for one week and after that on a weekly basis. We can really feel and see the difference this product makes. Thank you Adam for being so helpful. I would love to be added to your VIP list. Do hope the product comes down under to Australia!

    • 34
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are delighted you are happy with our products, Clair. Per your request, you have been added to our VIP list.

  12. 37
    Marianne Barber

    We stopped in while visiting Jackson Hole over the weekend and I ended up buying more than $2,000 worth of product from Jonathan, who was in town as a visiting skin care expert. He promised to immediately email me complete instructions on how to use everything, but it’s been almost a week and I haven’t heard a word from him. Very disappointed, and am considering returning my purchases for a refund. : (

    • 38
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thanks for the feedback. You can find complete instructions on how to use each product by visiting http://www.Truffoire.com and clicking on the product you want to learn more about and look under the “How to use” tab for full instructions. Some products even have a video showing how to apply the product. We hope you end up falling in love with our Truffoire products.

  13. 39
    Donna Erichsen

    I just tried your White Truffle Day Moisturizer sample give to me at Barrett-Jackson Northeast. I am simply amazed at how good it feels. Wonderful moisturizer for my 57 year old skin. Thank you. Where can I buy it in Connecticut? or Online is even better.

  14. 43

    I was introduced to your products whilst on holiday in San fransisco. Do you sell these products in the United Kingdom? If so how could I go about purchasing them thanks

    • 44
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hello, Tania. At this time, Truffoire does not have a distributor in the United Kingdom. For your convenience, you are welcome to purchase Truffoire products directly online at http://www.Truffoire.com.

  15. 45
    Camilla Moet

    Amazing products.
    Bought it in San Francisco at the market street.
    Spent around 10,000$.
    But if you consider a face lift the products results are better , faster and with out any risk.
    Got a lot of daily use,

    Thank you very much Fernando amazing results!!

  16. 46
    Bev Sionet

    While in Oahu last week I purged from Harry your Black Trufflt InstanrvRepair Syringe. I was and am a great example to see what this product can do. I not only have bags under my eyes but stretched pockets of skin from sinus problems. This has bothered me for years, and to see what the product was amazing. My biggest question is that water seems to immediately take away the results and would need to reapply. I didn’t know that I was to apply at night rather then daytime. So can I still wear a small amount of makeup for color evening out of my skin during the day. How often should I be applying the product? I would love to be added to your VIP list. I am still in awe of the results.

    • 47
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are happy to hear you are in awe of the results after using our Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe, Bev. Thank you.

      To answer your question in more depth, the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe should be applied once a week at nighttime before you go to bed. The formula includes topical botox, so you’ll want to apply it by itself and leave it on your face while you’re sleeping and remaining expressionless for best results. Some people think it’s to be applied with makeup, but that’s not the best way to utilize this product.

      And congratulations, you have been added to our VIP list. 🙂

  17. 48


    • 49
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hello, Elizabeth. Whenever you cannot locate a store in your area, you can purchase Truffoire products directly from our website. Each product has a full description of ingredients, plus instruction on how to use and apply the product.

  18. 50

    My mother bought me a few of your products while in vegas. I was very impressed with the “instant repair syringe” as it took the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes away instantly. The only thing that bothers me is that the minute I put make up on the dark circles and puffiness came back, and you could see the dried product. How can I avoid this problem?

    • 51
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hello, Alana.
      You ask a very good question about our Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe, which is one of our most popular products.

      For best results, the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe should be applied once a week at nighttime before you go to bed. The formula includes topical botox, so you’ll want to apply it by itself and leave it on your face while you’re sleeping and remaining expressionless for best results.

      Some people think the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe is to be applied with makeup, but that’s not the best way to utilize this product. When used properly, your skin will eventually show fewer lines and deep wrinkles.

  19. 52

    I was approached by a sales rep at The Canal Shops at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Very persistent and somewhat annoying. Finally I sat down and agreed to demonstration. Wow! Couldn’t believe the results! My husband was not happy that I sat down, but when he saw the results under my eyes and neck he was blown away and he ended up talking me into buying the products! I love them, have made a huge different in my skin. I am so happy the salesman was persistent even if he was annoying in the beginning.

    How can I be a VIP? How can I be a distributor? Have background in cosmetics, permanent makeup and skin care. I love to share products I love with others so they can feel their best and confident as well.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful skincare line!

  20. 54
    Jill Kowalewski

    I’m trying to find out how I can purchase your products. I was recently at a folk art show in Syracuse, NY and one of your reps. put some cream under and around my aging eyes. I didn’t notice a difference immediately so I didn’t buy the product. However, several hours later I noticed a huge difference. I’m interested but having trouble locating the place I can purchase this product. Can anyone help?

    • 55
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are delighted to hear you enjoy our products. Truffoire products are sold by a variety of distributors across the globe, and many of them appear at festivals, home shows, and state fairs. However, here at corporate, we do not know their schedules. To purchase Truffoire products anytime, your best bet is to purchase them here, online, on this site.

  21. 56

    I recently purchased the some of the white, black and diamond collection and can’t figure out which product is for wrinkles above the lip. I can’t find it on the website and I’m worried I didn’t get what I wanted. Can you help??

    • 57
      Truffoire Customer Service

      While all of our collections have excellent moisturizers that will benefit the area around your mouth, you may want to consider the following: 1) try using the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe formula on the wrinkles above your lips, 2) apply extra moisturizer from any of our collections around that area, or 3) try the Night Repair Truffles from our Orchidea Collection.

  22. 58
    Amy Simpson

    My husband and I went by the store in Wailea on Maui a couple of days ago. I had the delightful experience of being pampered by Ghilad (Gilli) & purchased the kit with the white truffle facial peeling ,the black truffle instant repair & the white truffle night cream. Great experience! Ghilad was so captivating with his presentation. I am not sure if I’m in the VIP club but I would like to be…what exactly is that?

    • 59
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Welcome to the VIP list. Being a VIP allows you to gain access to special offers and news about new products.

  23. 60

    I’d love to learn how to become a distributor. Just bought 4 products in Nashville and love it. May I be a VIP?

  24. 62
    Mercy Magpali

    I tried the syringe for the fine lines under my eyes and it was truely amazing. I saw results within a few minutes. I highly recommend this product.

    • 64
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Truffoire is sold by a variety of distributors across the globe. At this time, we do not have a Truffoire store in Houston, TX. There may be distributors selling our products in your area at home shows, state fairs, and the like, but here at corporate, we are not aware of their schedules. Therefore, we recommend you purchase Truffoire products directly at http://www.Truffoire.com if you wish to make an immediate purchase.

    • 66
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Truffoire is sold by a variety of distributors across the globe. At this time, we do not have a Truffoire store in Houston, TX. There may be distributors selling our products in your area at home shows, state fairs, and the like, but here at corporate, we are not aware of their schedules. Therefore, we recommend you purchase Truffoire products directly at http://www.Truffoire.com if you wish to make an immediate purchase.

  25. 67

    I would like to thank Shmuel Atia from your store in Nassau for the amazing facial. I really enjoyed myself and I am loving my products. Thank you again, I will be back for sure!

  26. 68
    Ronda Block

    I love truffoire.  The products are maintaining my skin    They are easy to use   I personally care about the outcome of products that I use   I do not like the commercialization of many products  and the false promises that other companies provide about  their products   I would ask to speak to  Kim as she is very knowledgeable about the benefits her products provide     Kim is truly the best and most knowledgeable about this product line   She is available to me after hours which is very important  In my world,  what matters to me ,  is the benefits provided by the products I use.  We all have many choices   Quality is really what matters at the end of the day.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Email is rondajblock@yahoo.com Thank you Kim for the products that you have provided me   My husband really likes the aftershave moisturizer as well

  27. 69

    Hi I bought your product (Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe) while on a cruise in Nassau. When I got home I was excited to use it. I found much to my surprise and anger that I can not get any solution to come out of the syringe. Plus email me the directions to open this. Thanks

    • 70
      Truffoire Customer Service

      To use the syringe, twist the base of it to unlatch if from the locked/closed position. Once you have twisted it to unlock, you may pump the syringe a few times until the formula comes out.

  28. 71

    W! O! W! I normally do not try these things at shows but decided why not!! So amazingly impressed with this product that I will plan to purchase more!! I am so excited to see the full benefits of each product!!

  29. 72
    Lynn Bailey

    I would like to thank the exceptionally trained and informed staff at Truffoire for my experience, I’m beyond impressed!!.
    I have lived quarterly on Maui for many years and have passed by the Truffoire shop in the Wailea mall numerous times, I always appreciated receiving the samples of the moisturizer that they hand out and I would use it during my stay.
    I have tried many skin care product lines from dermatologists, spas and drug stores but was never overly excited with the results or costs.
    Being a makeup artist skin care has always been top priority, let’s face it makeup never does anyone any justice to the face without having healthy skin.
    Today I decided to really check out this product because I noticed the samples I have been given and using were making a big difference hydrating my skin.
    I had one of the girls show me their eye care products and I have to say I was extremely impressed even after one brief application.
    so I booked a facial, because now I was really curious to know more about their skin care line.
    Here is where I had the privilege to meet Aviv. An exceptionally educated director of Truffoire not only is Aviv sincerely passionate about the concept of skin nutrition he is also very kind and knowledgeable.
    For me the education and demonstration was completely appreciated and honestly refreshing that someone really went out of their way to ensure I was properly informed of the importance of skin care about these products.
    The demonstration facials were more than amazin!! I was sold!
    I know I look 10 years younger and my skin is glowing and looks beautiful.
    I have been using the products daily and have seen a very noticeable difference in my skin the crepey and dryness is now looking youthful and hydrated.
    If you have the chance I can’t express to you enough to go into one of their locations and treat yourself for a great experience it’s worth the visit, you won’t be disappointed.
    I have not been asked to promote this product, I am not an affiliate in any way. I am just a very happy and satisfied customer.
    It was such a pleasure to meet you Aviv and staff at Truffoire Wailea Mall

  30. 73
    Debra Terry

    Bought 5 of the White line and the Black Instant Repair Syringe in Las Vegas. Both my husband and I love the products. Please add me to your VIP club!

  31. 75

    I recently purchased the White Truffle Collection (Eye Serum, Facial Peeling, Day Moisturizer, Night Cream) and I purchased the Black Truffle Collection (Volcanic Thermal Mask, Volcanic Activating Serum, Volcanic Perfecting Cream, Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe). However once I got home with everything, the instructions on how to use these items (when to use-night or morning, and in what order and what combinations) was not helpful. The names of the items were different on the instructions than what I got home with. Can you help with better instructions on the 8 products I purchased?

    • 76
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hi, Kelley. The website offers “How to use” instructions for each product. Have you looked at the page for each product and clicked on the “How to use” tab?

      Warm regards,
      Truffoire Customer Service

  32. 77
    Christine Johnson

    I just returned from a cruise that stopped in Nassau Bahamas on Friday, November 25th, where I had the pleasure of meeting Hillary at the Truffoire store. She greeted me on the sidewalk just outside the store as I was walking by with my husband. She brought us inside and shared her wealth of information about the Truffoire products. She gave me a demonstration of the white truffoire facial peel and the day time moisturizer. I was sold on the products and Hillary’s personality. She is wonderful at her job and anyone who has the chance to meet her is blessed. I love the way the products make my skin feel and look forward to posting additional reviews about the results in the coming weeks and months.

  33. 82

    Hi, it’s great experience for me I have the cleanser from the black set, and I have the eye serum and day moisturizer from the white.
    It works !! I noticed the difference from the first time I use it.
    and I want to join the VIP list 🙂 as well.

    • 85
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thank you for visiting the Truffoire website and asking if our products are available in Australia. At this time, no they are not. However, we are currently seeking distributors in that region. If you know any distributors who wish to apply, please have them contact us. Otherwise, consider this website as your direct source for our products.

  34. 86

    I experienced a wonderful demo at a recent woman’s show and bought some of the products. I fell in love with the products. I would love to be a VIP 🙂

  35. 88


    • 91
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hi, Ann.

      Which products did you purchase? Perhaps we can help give you instructions on how to use our products.

  36. 92
    Ann Gome

    I need instructions on how to use the black truffle repair syringe. I have this product but there are NO instructions on how often to use. Please advise. Thank you.

    • 93
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Here are the instructions for the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe. Apply a small amount of solution directly to wrinkles. Use your ring finger to gently tap solution onto the areas of concern until fully absorbed. For best results, use once a week at night before bed.

  37. 94
    Jennifer gates

    I need help with knowing what to use after the line filler. It’s drying and I feel like I need moisturizer

    • 95
      Truffoire Customer Service

      The line filler is designed to make your skin feel tighter. Try applying our moisturizer first, and then apply the line filler.

  38. 96

    I just started using the products. I am actually impressed with the results. Is using the mask once a month sufficient though?

    • 97
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Yes, using the mask once a month should be fine. However, you can try the mask twice per month or once every three weeks to see how your skin feels.

  39. 98
    Christine Lockhart

    I need more! I got my product from Leo at the CA state Fair. ..I believe I have the white truffle line as well as the black line filler…love it!

  40. 101

    I actually had a sample from our vacation in Nassau. While on vacation, I decided to try the Day Moisturizer…unbelievable! Co-workers said I look so relaxed and I know it was from result of using your White Truffle Day Moisturizer! Amazing! Question…how long does one container of it last?

  41. 103
    Bonnie Greenwald

    I purchased many products during a trip to Las Vegas. I really thought I saw improvement in my skin. I purchase your white, black, and hold lines. Recently, the black thermal mask stopped feeling warm. This does not improve even when I add the reinforcing serum. It worked fine the first two times. Now it doesn’t work at all. I am very upset because I spent a few thousand dollars on your product. Please advise

    • 104
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hi, Bonnie.
      Thank you for your feedback and giving us a chance to answer your concerns.

      For best results with the Black Truffle Thermal Mask, you need to stir it really good with a spatula or foundation brush. Next, apply it to your skin with the foundation brush. If the thermal mask is still not warm enough, apply the Black Truffle Reinforcing Serum on top of the thermal mask and you should get a warm feeling on your skin. Also, it is better to use it after showering, so your pores are open.

      Please let us know your results and if we can answer any more questions for you.

    • 106
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thank you, Roni. We are so happy you are pleased with your Truffoire products. 🙂

  42. 107
    Chason Calimpong

    Just purchased a few of your products today. The sales associate recommended the White Pearl Facial Cleanser, along with the White Truffle Facial Peeling, DroneBee Men’s Day Moisturizer, and the DroneBee Men’s After Shave Balm. I actually started out with the intention of buying the products for my girlfriend, but became intrigued and have decided to try it out for myself. It always amazed me how much time women spend on their beauty regimen’s, so this is a little self experiment per se’. Let me be the first to say that I am as masculine as they come, so this is a very new experience for me. If your products work in the way that each claims, and I see a noticeable difference consider me a silent marketer of your product line. Food for thought, I guess movie stars don’t look fantastic because they use cheap products. Consider this an investment for me. I opted for quality this time around.

    • 108
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hi, Chason. Thanks for the great feedback. Yes, men and women alike can benefit from the excellent, high-quality ingredients in the Truffoire skin care collections. We have several men in the circle of Truffoire friends, husbands, etc. who are also very masculine and look terrific using our products. Keep investing in yourself, my friend. Your skin will love you for it…and so will she. 🙂 –Truffoire Customer Service

    • 111
      Truffoire Customer Service

      So happy you love our products, Paula. What additional information are you looking for? How may I help?

    • 114
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Yes, Amira. The Truffoire skin care line should be suitable for use during pregnancy as there are no medications included in the ingredients.

    • 116
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are thrilled you love our products, Debbie! We hope you fall in love with the Truffoire collections as much as we do. 🙂

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