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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Donna, if you would like to visit any of our Truffoire stores in Miami, FL; Santa Fe, NM; Las Vegas, NV; Carmel, CA; Palm Desert, CA; North Shore, Hawaii, please do. If you are not close to any of these locations, you are welcome to purchase our products here online. We have a good feeling you’re going to love our skin care collections. 🙂

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Your praise means a lot to us here at Truffoire. Thank you, Dan and the entire team! 🙂

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      Jennifer Filzen

      Thank you, Barb. We are delighted to hear you love Truffoire! You’ve made our day. 🙂

  1. 9
    Barbara Hollo

    Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Immediately I tried my Volcanic collection and the result amazed me, I love my eyecream as well! Thank you and definitely i will use more products.

  2. 14
    Marylou Camara

    Please add me to your VIP list. I was in Las Vegas and bought the Black Truffle eye filler and see amazing results!

  3. 18
    Leanne Noble

    Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe and Volcanic Thermal Mask, I purchased both of these products and am very pleased with them; however, I like the Syringe best for the removal of the appearance of bags under the eyes and not wrinkle removal. I would like to be added to your VIP list, thank you.

  4. 29
    Nora Shelton

    I bought some Truffoire products after being snagged while walking by a demo kiosk in the mall. I hadn’t planned to buy but I did after seeing results with the line filler! Please make me a VIP. Mahalo from Hawaii!

  5. 31
    Debra Rivait

    Visiting Columbus Ohio came across one of your locations, and was offered a free trial by an amazing representative David. Well I was so impressed with your product I bought more than a few items and have been using them for the past week, and absolutely love it all.
    I am Canadian and would like to know if you have representation in Ontario?
    As well would love to be added to the VIP program.

  6. 33
    Liz Higdon

    I bought the white line and I’m so impressed! Excited to see results over the coming months. Would love to be a VIP.

  7. 41
    Renee Domingo

    I recently purchased you Black Truffle Instant Repair, White Truffle Eye Serum, and White Truffle Day Moisturizer. I will like to become a VIP member. Thank you,

  8. 47
    Karen Wallerius

    Just puchased my first Truffoire products! Love, Love, Love! Even have my husband using it! The scent is fabulous and the feel so soothing. Would love to be added to the VIPs.

  9. 54
    Cheryl Wieder

    I went with a friend today to the King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia while he went to purchase an item and to see the new retailers that had opened in the newly renovated mall. I was just window shopping with nothing in mind to purchase. While shopping I came upon The Luxury Cosmetics Spa Boutique the and had the pleasure of meeting the owner Leeroy and also the wonderful staff at the SPA. Needless to say before I left the SPA, I had products in hand and am looking forward to a treatment next month with Leeroy for a facial. So, I’d really appreciate being added to your VIP list 🙂 Thanks

  10. 60
    Jennifer Dansby

    I just purchased a few products from your North Shore store and would love to become a VIP. Stunning results!!

  11. 62
    Judy Saue

    I learned about Truffoire at the Santa Fe store. I want to learn better how to use the products so that I can get all the benefits.

    • 63
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are delighted to hear you love your Truffoire products. For specific information about each product, including how to use each one and a list of ingredients, click on the individual Truffoire products you are interested in, here at

  12. 68
    Sharon Russell

    Purchased volcanic series and diamond and white truffle series and was told I was a Black VIP. We bought at shop in Marriott Waikiki. Please send me info on how the program works. Thank you

    • 69
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Welcome to the VIP list. Being a VIP allows you to gain access to special offers and news about new products.

  13. 70

    Bought in Nashville, TN this week at the women’s shop. Love the feel of the products. Purchased the Repair syringe, facial eye cream and exfoliate.

  14. 78

    Purchased your products at the AORN Meeting in Boston, MA. Love them. Please add me to your VIP list.
    Thanks so much!

  15. 82
    Teresa Panza

    Thank you for all the comments. I have just visited the Santa Fe, New Mexico store…. wow. Please add me to your VIP emailing.

  16. 84
    Natasha Schickler

    I bought the white truffle facial peel when I was staying in Maui. I’m obsessed! I wish you had a store that was more local! I would also love to join your VIP list to keep up on your products and special offers ☺️

    • 85
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thanks for the great feedback on our products, Natasha. We appreciate it.

      And congratulation! You have been added to our VIP list! 🙂

  17. 86

    Bought the products at a trade show 5 months ago. I use the products daily. I am in love with them. Please email me promotions so I can continue my use of this products.

  18. 92
    Victoria Latronica

    Please put me on your VIP list. It would be greatly appreciated. Regards Vicky Latronica

  19. 94
    Carolyn DeLaRosa

    I bought the white night cream, black cleanser and the pen, I am so impressed and confident using this. Wish ther was a distributor near me, but am glad I can order online. Would love to be on your VIP list. thanks again.

    • 99
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We love hearing great feedback like this. Thank you! You have been added to our VIP list. 🙂

  20. 102
    Tiffany Liles

    I love the products, please add me to your VIP list. Also, is there a store in North Carolina?

    • 103
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Congratulations! You have been added to our VIP list. 🙂 At this time, there is no Truffoire distributor in North Carolina. Your best bet is to purchase directly from us online at

  21. 104
    Sherri Gast

    I was in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and just received my products today. I am starting with the volcanic activating serum + mask. I also purchased the Elevare + LED device for skin rejuvenation. I will let you know how it goes!

    • 105
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We hope your skin looks and feels fabulous after using Truffoire. Congratulations! You have been added to our VIP list. 🙂

  22. 106
    Brittany Neuman

    I swear by Truffoire products! Total game changer for skincare! Will probably never use a different brand.

    • 107
      Truffoire Customer Service

      We love hearing how much people love using Truffoire products. Congratulations! You have been added to our VIP list. 🙂

  23. 113
    Susan Thompson

    I was recently in Chinatown in San Francisco and purchased the Black Collection after a wonderfully relaxing facial. I have lost the first name of your associate but his last name is Ferragamo. I love the product and already see striking results. Can you reach him and let him know how impressed I was with his presentation and manners and how wonderfully the product is working. (FYI: He thought he was going to go to Hong Kong next.) Thanks so much!

  24. 122
    Marianna Serova

    I’ve bought White Truffle Eye Serum and Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe not so long ago while being in Miami. I was surprisingly shocked by the effect from these products! I would like to try other things from your collections and become a part of the VIP list. Please add me to the Vip list, thank you!

  25. 138
    Bonnie Jones

    Please add me to your VIP list, I purchased your products at the North Shore location in Hawaii, and would like to try more.

  26. 140

    Hello, I have recently purchased 2 of your products and they feel and smell so good! I can already see the quality. Would love to become a VIP please 🙂 thank you

  27. 148
    Stephanie Stein

    I would like to be added to your VIP list so that I may learn more about your products. I have sensitive skin and allergic to allantion which seem to be in some of your products. Please advise as to whether there is a trial size for test purposes in allergic reactions. Thank you.

    • 154
      Truffoire Customer Service

      No, there are no Truffoire distributors currently located in Virginia. Congratulations! You have been added to our VIP list! 🙂

  28. 155
    Janet Severtson

    Hi! I have been using the Truffoirie eye cream for over a year and I love it! We were in Santa Fe, New Mexico and bought it originally down there, so we went back this year but they weren’t open! We were bummed because they were so much fun the first time! So I am ordering online this time and hopefully next time we are in Santa Fe, they will be open!

  29. 158
    Connie Masden

    I have been using it with some results Maybe I’m not sure how I should use the white truffle facial peeling and how often. I would like to be in the VIP group