Truffles are known to delight your taste buds and now, offer an indulgent experience for your skin as well. Infused with beneficial vitamins and minerals, these fungi offer a wide range of hydrating components to help your skin enjoy a natural and radiant glow. Truffoire is made up of two collections, the white collection which contains Tuber Aestivum (white truffle) Extract, and the Black Collection which contains Tuber Melanosporum (black truffle) Extract. These collections concentrate on evening your skin tone and diminishing fine lines so you get the best of both worlds.

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The most effective ingredient that is needed for a proper skin care regimen is proper knowledge of skincare ingredients. When you’re aware of what’s used in your skin care products, you can learn how to best boost your overall beauty and improve your complexion. We blend a number of highly beneficial ingredients in our product formulations. We are committed to using the best and most effective ingredients in our skin care products. This summary provides all the information you need about the various ingredients contained in Truffoire products.

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I am in my late thirties, and never bothered about skin care until I actually hit thirty and saw my first wrinkle. That was one freaky day, I tell you. Switched through a number of brands over the years, liked some and certainly hated many. Recently started a Truffoire regimen, and this is one brand that I am in LOVE with. I’ve used the day moisturizer for a couple of weeks now, and I adore it. I don’t even need any more heavy makeup to hide skin flaws. The moisturizer took care of all that. My blotchiness has totally gone, and I feel so fresh throughout the day!!!

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While I don’t have any major issues with my skin, I do suffer from constant dark circles and puffiness in my eye area. I want to enjoy fresh looking eyes, but my hectic schedule and demanding boss always means too much work stress and lack of sleep. I just bought this serum for brightening the eye area and…. IT WORKS!!! I got attracted when I read the word truffle and luxury skin care in the same line, and I certainly don’t regret my decision. I have been using it for close to 2 weeks, and I love how much the dark circles have reduced.

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My derm recommended that I add an eye serum into my skin care regimen, but I just didn’t like the product he recommended. A friend told me to try out Truffoire and I actually liked what I saw. So I thought why not try this brand, after all, someone is already using it right? After using the product for a single week, I am already in love. I have a smoother all-round texture and my blotchy looking skin also seems much better. So much in one week! Really good product!!!

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I must have used almost each and every eye cream on the planet (well the cheaper ones), but practically nothing helped me out with the damn eye wrinkles. Which is why I so love this product. It beats them all. I guess that’s why they call it luxury skin care. This eye cream helped in instantly giving a plumped up look and diminished the fine lines within a couple of weeks. I suggest to be a bit patient with it. Your skin should look much better after the first couple of days (definitely in my case). Now I notice the difference as soon as the cream gets properly absorbed.

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      We are thrilled you love our products, Debbie! We hope you fall in love with the Truffoire collections as much as we do. :-)

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Yes, Amira. The Truffoire skin care line should be suitable for use during pregnancy as there are no medications included in the ingredients.

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      So happy you love our products, Paula. What additional information are you looking for? How may I help?

  1. 10
    Chason Calimpong

    Just purchased a few of your products today. The sales associate recommended the White Pearl Facial Cleanser, along with the White Truffle Facial Peeling, DroneBee Men’s Day Moisturizer, and the DroneBee Men’s After Shave Balm. I actually started out with the intention of buying the products for my girlfriend, but became intrigued and have decided to try it out for myself. It always amazed me how much time women spend on their beauty regimen’s, so this is a little self experiment per se’. Let me be the first to say that I am as masculine as they come, so this is a very new experience for me. If your products work in the way that each claims, and I see a noticeable difference consider me a silent marketer of your product line. Food for thought, I guess movie stars don’t look fantastic because they use cheap products. Consider this an investment for me. I opted for quality this time around.

    • 11
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hi, Chason. Thanks for the great feedback. Yes, men and women alike can benefit from the excellent, high-quality ingredients in the Truffoire skin care collections. We have several men in the circle of Truffoire friends, husbands, etc. who are also very masculine and look terrific using our products. Keep investing in yourself, my friend. Your skin will love you for it…and so will she. :-) –Truffoire Customer Service

  2. 14
    Bonnie Greenwald

    I purchased many products during a trip to Las Vegas. I really thought I saw improvement in my skin. I purchase your white, black, and hold lines. Recently, the black thermal mask stopped feeling warm. This does not improve even when I add the reinforcing serum. It worked fine the first two times. Now it doesn’t work at all. I am very upset because I spent a few thousand dollars on your product. Please advise

    • 15
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hi, Bonnie.
      Thank you for your feedback and giving us a chance to answer your concerns.

      For best results with the Black Truffle Thermal Mask, you need to stir it really good with a spatula or foundation brush. Next, apply it to your skin with the foundation brush. If the thermal mask is still not warm enough, apply the Black Truffle Reinforcing Serum on top of the thermal mask and you should get a warm feeling on your skin. Also, it is better to use it after showering, so your pores are open.

      Please let us know your results and if we can answer any more questions for you.

  3. 17

    I actually had a sample from our vacation in Nassau. While on vacation, I decided to try the Day Moisturizer…unbelievable! Co-workers said I look so relaxed and I know it was from result of using your White Truffle Day Moisturizer! Amazing! Question…how long does one container of it last?

  4. 20
    Christine Lockhart

    I need more! I got my product from Leo at the CA state Fair. ..I believe I have the white truffle line as well as the black line filler…love it!

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      Truffoire Customer Service

      Yes, using the mask once a month should be fine. However, you can try the mask twice per month or once every three weeks to see how your skin feels.

    • 24
      Truffoire Customer Service

      The line filler is designed to make your skin feel tighter. Try applying our moisturizer first, and then apply the line filler.

  5. 25
    Ann Gome

    I need instructions on how to use the black truffle repair syringe. I have this product but there are NO instructions on how often to use. Please advise. Thank you.

    • 26
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Here are the instructions for the Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe. Apply a small amount of solution directly to wrinkles. Use your ring finger to gently tap solution onto the areas of concern until fully absorbed. For best results, use once a week at night before bed.

  6. 31

    I experienced a wonderful demo at a recent woman’s show and bought some of the products. I fell in love with the products. I would love to be a VIP :)

    • 34
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Thank you for visiting the Truffoire website and asking if our products are available in Australia. At this time, no they are not. However, we are currently seeking distributors in that region. If you know any distributors who wish to apply, please have them contact us. Otherwise, consider this website as your direct source for our products.

  7. 35

    Hi, it’s great experience for me I have the cleanser from the black set, and I have the eye serum and day moisturizer from the white.
    It works !! I noticed the difference from the first time I use it.
    and I want to join the VIP list :) as well.

  8. 41
    Christine Johnson

    I just returned from a cruise that stopped in Nassau Bahamas on Friday, November 25th, where I had the pleasure of meeting Hillary at the Truffoire store. She greeted me on the sidewalk just outside the store as I was walking by with my husband. She brought us inside and shared her wealth of information about the Truffoire products. She gave me a demonstration of the white truffoire facial peel and the day time moisturizer. I was sold on the products and Hillary’s personality. She is wonderful at her job and anyone who has the chance to meet her is blessed. I love the way the products make my skin feel and look forward to posting additional reviews about the results in the coming weeks and months.

  9. 42

    I recently purchased the White Truffle Collection (Eye Serum, Facial Peeling, Day Moisturizer, Night Cream) and I purchased the Black Truffle Collection (Volcanic Thermal Mask, Volcanic Activating Serum, Volcanic Perfecting Cream, Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe). However once I got home with everything, the instructions on how to use these items (when to use-night or morning, and in what order and what combinations) was not helpful. The names of the items were different on the instructions than what I got home with. Can you help with better instructions on the 8 products I purchased?

    • 43
      Truffoire Customer Service

      Hi, Kelley. The website offers “How to use” instructions for each product. Have you looked at the page for each product and clicked on the “How to use” tab?

      Warm regards,
      Truffoire Customer Service

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